Frequently asked questions

1. You need to sign in on: http://citt.fund/signup
2. Click “Purchase CITT” in the left part of the website: http://citt.fund/en/profile/office/in
3. Select the number of CITT, which you want to purchase and click “Continue”.
4. Select the currency for purchasing CITT.
5. Select payment system which you want to use.
6. The next step is to make a payment for purchasing CITT.
Making payment can take up to 10 minutes until your transaction is completed. You can see the current status of the transaction on page “Purchase CITT” below.

You can check your balance on the main screen of the website office: http://citt.fund/en/profile/office/dashboard

1. Click “Exchange CITT” in the left part of the website: http://citt.fund/en/profile/office/out
2. Select the number of tokens which you want to sell.
3. Select the currency which you want to receive.
4. Specify your wallet to receive the money for CITT exchange.
5. Enter your payment password.
6. Click on a green button “Exchange CITT” at the bottom of the checkout page.
7. Send your CITT tokens at the address for exchanging.
8. After sending your tokens for exchanging you will receive your money.
Exchanging of your money can take up to 24 hours.

We recommend you to keep safe your password but if you lost it, you can reset it following the link: http://citt.fund/login, select “Recover the password” and then fill in the form in the pop-up window.

We accept most payment systems existing on the Internet. We also receive payments from Mastercard and Visa. Apart from that we receive as payment btc and eth.

The Fund provides security in the following way::
1. Maximizing of assets keeping in cold wallets and nullification the amounts of keeping at stock accounts.
2. Working through wallets with multiple signatures (operations are confirmed by two managers at least) which minimizes the risks of errors because of human element.
3. Working only at reliable stock markets, where maximum amount of trading operations are made.

All the money is securely held on the account and wallet (you can check the current amount following a % link in your back-office).

The fund has been developed at the platform Ethereum which is the most efficient and secure platform existing today.

No, you cannot! It is possible only by transferring money from your bank card.

No. You can invest as much as you consider necessary.

We offer to invest into crypto economics through our Fund. Our portfolio can be found on http://citt.fund: http://citt.fund
We present high income, high level of security and invest into checked assets only and assets with potentially high income, though diversifying the portfolio for minimizing risks.

Investors must keep safe private passwords of their wallets with CITT. The security of investors’ money is provided by managers of the Fund.

Currently, the verification is not provided. In the future we plan to use the system of verification. Customers will be informed about it further.

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