Digital asset management

CITT – CRYPTO INVESTMENT and TOKEN TRADING. Simple way to complex decentralized economy.

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High profit

Thanks to increasing world market capitalization of digital assets there appeared an opportunity to increase the income from investments.


Thanks to complicated portfolio of different digital assets we сut the risks and provided high income.

Secure and easy

You needn’t study hundreds digital assets, it is enough to buy fund tokens just using your bank card.

How does it work?

We place fiat money into different digital assets according to market condition and analytical forecast to achieve the most efficient improvement of the portfolio in general. In such a way a dynamic investment CITT portfolio is developed. With the increasing price of digital assets of the fund (price of CITT portfolio) in relation to US dollar, the price of CITT token increases. A user can purchase and sell tokens of the fund at a current price. The price is calculated automatically. Users can determine themselves the moment when the tokens of the fund are purchased or sold.


The fund is implementing a business model which gives investors an opportunity to benefit from the development of digital assets market, avoiding difficulties, risks and technical obstacles. Purchase and secure keeping of big variety of digital assets can be a difficult task. CITT solves this task - everything is done only with several clicks in the back office using ordinary tools.

Purchasing CITT tokens

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